Rental scooters and ride-sharing services are a great way to save on gas, but what if you want to cruise between spots at one destination? These motorized E-Skateboards can cut down on your travel costs even further by helping you avoid multiple cabs and rentals, whether you're exploring a new city or just heading to work. The boards get you around at up to 15 mph and are small enough to fit right into your carry-on (they're TSA-approved).

The battery-powered E-Skateboard is ultra-light at just seven pounds, making it easy to store in a bag while you’re shopping or going to class. The battery can take you up to 10 miles on a single charge, and it will only take an hour or so to get it back to 100 percent, so you can power up while you grab lunch.

The E-Skateboard can be your solution for traveling around town within your budget. Its shock-absorbing wheels can handle the terrain of any shortcut to beat your car travel time, and it's sturdy enough to support 250 pounds. The blue, green, and orange varieties are all on sale today for $120.

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