The coronavirus pandemic has taken many people through a crash course in how easily germs can spread, but one of the biggest inconveniences of the new need for gloves and masks is remembering to always have them on you. These snapback gloves from Lambs can protect you from both airborne pathogens and your own forgetfulness, because they're designed to be handy at all times.

The gloves clip onto your pants or purse, so they're ready to use when you need them and can quickly retract when you don’t. This will help prevent a whole lot of fumbling next time you have to answer an important phone call or text while you're gloved-up in the supermarket. The masks included in each bundle are similarly convenient—they simply tie around the back of your head, allowing you to adjust the straps to be as tight or loose as you want.

Both the masks and gloves are silver-lined and made with XSoft silver fibers for anti-viral protection. Each pack comes with one glove and a mask and are available in sets on one, two, or five.

The five-pack is 14 percent off today ($223 in total), but if you're not ready for that big of a commitment, you can get a single pack for $45.

Snapback Gloves & Silver-Lined Antiviral Mask Bundle - $45

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