Leadership can take many forms, whether we're talking about a parent, CEO, or simply the person in your group of friends who always picks a restaurant without a quiver in their voice. To learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader and communicator, you can sign up for this nine-course bundle that aims to explore the science of memory, focus, and taking initiative. It’s currently 98 percent off and offers a variety of new skills you'll find useful in your everyday life.

One of the most obvious places leadership skills are beneficial is in the workplace, and with this bundle, you'll gain a new understanding of how to effectively communicate with superiors and teammates by gaining their trust and finding the proper ways to motivate them.

You can't lead if you're easily distracted, and for those who tend to procrastinate on the job, you'll learn tips to cut down on the unfocused behavior that's holding you back, helping you build a better, more sustainable workflow.

There’s one common thread between your work and personal life, and that’s stress—you’ll wrap up this packed bundle with a course that covers 40 ways to relieve and manage stress, allowing you to take charge in a more relaxed way.

You can sign up for the Science of Memory, Leadership and Focus Bundle today, while it’s on sale for just $35.

Master the Science of Memory, Leadership & Focus Bundle - $34.99

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