Photography was once a skill reserved for those who could spend big money on the proper equipment, but with the convenience of a digital camera in everyone’s pocket, it's a much more accessible hobby for the general public today. Now you can learn how to improve your skills with the Pro Photography and Photoshop Bundle, which includes 20 courses that cover the top programs you need to know to capture and edit killer photos.

For anyone with absolutely no knowledge of Photoshop, you’ll want to start with the Photoshop Made Easy course, where you’ll go through all the essentials from layers and filters to levels and curves. From there, you’ll have access to six Photoshop-specific courses to take your knowledge to an expert level. You’ll learn how to use Photoshop with light effects, in cinematic settings, for outdoor portraits and landscapes, and through the eyes of an aspiring graphic designer. There’s even a course focused on how to apply Photoshop tools as a busy entrepreneur.

If that deep dive into Photoshop felt like a fast-track past the initial camera skills, go with the Photography Master Class to learn the basics like the exposure triangle, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and manual mode shooting.

When you’re comfortable behind the camera, you’ll find the eight included courses for Lightroom immensely helpful. You’ll learn how to edit and retouch photos to remove blemishes, modify colors, adjust wrinkles, and all the other techniques the pros use. Learn about free presets to make your workflow speedy across all four versions of the Lightroom software.

This massive course collection is available for just $40 for a limited time.

The Pro Photography & Photoshop 20 Course Bundle - $39.99

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