Radio Stations Around the World Are Attempting to Cheer Up Listeners With Christmas Music

It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas ... in July.
It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas ... in July. / Rodion Kutsaev, Unsplash // Public Domain

With many businesses still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the virus still spreading throughout the country, this summer doesn't feel like summer for many. Several disc jockeys agree, and they've decided to skip ahead to December. As Her reports, some radio stations are celebrating Christmas in July with classic holiday music.

The idea behind the festive programming is to spread some Christmas cheer to listeners during this stressful period. Some stations, like KEZ 99.9 in Phoenix, Arizona, started playing holiday tunes when lockdown first started in March. Since then, radio stations from San Diego, California, to Ireland have joined the trend. If you don't hear "Winter Wonderland" or "Jingle Bell Rock" on your local airwaves, head to the internet. is going online early for one day only on Thursday, July 9.

The early return of Christmas music isn't just a mood-booster for listeners—it's also good business for radio stations. Like many industries, radio has been hit hard by the pandemic as people have been spending less time in their cars and sports broadcasts have disappeared. Christmas is always a popular time of year for radio, and by celebrating it a few months early this year, stations are hoping to boost their ratings.

Not everyone is cheered up by hearing Christmas music before December. If the sound of sleigh bells in November (or July) fills you with rage, this could be the reason why.

[h/t Her]