10 Extremely Valuable Computers That Could Be Hiding in Your Attic

This Apple-1 computer is worth a hefty chunk of cash.
This Apple-1 computer is worth a hefty chunk of cash. / ArnoldReinhold, Wikimedia Commons

Vintage isn't a quality most people look for when buying computers. Technology progresses quickly, and a laptop that may have felt cutting-edge when it debuted becomes dated after just a few years. While you wouldn't want to use them for work or school, the decades-old computers in your attic could hold value for someone else. The list below shows which models in particular are worth digging out of storage.

This round-up, compiled by sellmymobile.com, features the retro computers and gaming consoles that are most prized by collectors. While many old devices are worthless beyond the value of their parts, others have historical significance that makes them highly sought-after. Landmark computers like the Apple-1, for example, are extremely rare today, and worth hundreds or thousands times more than their original selling prices.

To determine the value of the vintage consoles and PCs on this list, sellmymobile.com analyzed data from oldcomputers.net, PriceCharting, and auctions from the last 10 years and ranked them based on their return on investment (ROI). Check out the full list below before looking through your junk boxes at home.

  1. Apple-1 // $458,711 (ROI: 68,707 percent)
  1. Kenbak-1 // $41,946 (ROI: 5493 percent)
  1. Scelbi-SH // $13,000 (ROI: 2500 percent)
  1. Altair 8800 // $8125 (ROI: 1751 percent)
  1. Elf II // $340 (ROI: 240 percent)
  1. Jupiter Ace // $455 (ROI: 230 percent)
  1. Imsai 8080 // $1782 (ROI: 197 percent)
  1. Acorn Atom // $403 (ROI: 167 percent)
  1. Heathkit HS // $668 (ROI: 76 percent)
  1. ZX-80 // $348 (ROI: 74 percent)

[h/t sellmymobile.com]