Raise a Glass to Pure Water


Brought to you by Finlandia 

Water is a part of our lives in many ways that we often don't think about. Without pure water we would not have playgrounds for surfing, wakeboarding, or snowboarding.  These activities rely on clean water sources now, and for future generations.

The relationship with water runs deep with Finlandia vodka. To support pure water projects, Finlandia is donating 1% of its U.S. sales to environmental organizations that support pure water initiatives, including the Oyster Recovery Partnership, Protect Our Winters, Coastal Conservation Association, Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program, and New York/New Jersey Baykeepers.

To support pure water efforts, you can give back to that perfect wave you surfed over the weekend, you can donate to that epic powder day last month, and you can help save that sunset kayak. Grab your smartphone and a Finlandia cocktail,  then post a pic of you raising a glass with the tag #4PureWater on Instagram or Twitter. For your help spreading the pure water message Finlandia will donate a dollar to one of our pure water initiatives up to $10,000. It only takes a minute to post your pic and help protect the water that you look forward to playing in all season long.

Check out the video above and get behind the pure water that gives us all so much.  Learn more about Finlandia #4PureWater here

Live Magnificently. Drink Responsibly.

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