Want to Sound Like Darth Vader? Voicemod's Voice Changing App Is Now Available for iPhone Users

Soundtrap, Unsplash
Soundtrap, Unsplash / Soundtrap, Unsplash

Voicemod's voice changer software for PC has become a popular way to make virtual hangouts more interesting. Now, you can access the same technology on your phone. As The Verge reports, Voicemod has launched a free new app for iPhone, with an Android version to follow soon.

Voicemod Clip's service is simple: Every day, the app offers 12 new voice filters you can use to record unique audio messages for friends or clips for social media. Some filters—like zombie and Darth Vader—make your voice sound like a character, and others—like cave and cathedral—sound like you're talking in a specific place. There are even voice modulators inspired by real people; the special T-Pain option (made in collaboration with T-Pain himself) recreates the rapper's signature autotune, and it only works with headphones.

With Voicemod, you can record clips that are up to 60 seconds long. The files save as videos, making it easy to share them with friends and followers outside the app. The free app doesn't push ads or in-app purchases, but The Verge reports that paying extra to unlock all 60 filters in their library at once may become an option down the road.

You can download Voicemod Clips for iPhone from the App Store today, or wait a few days to download it for Android when it becomes available at Google's Play Store. Voicemod's original program, which offers seven voice filters a week, is still available for PC.

[h/t The Verge]