Brick Roll: LEGO Version of Rick Astley Is Never Gonna Give You Up in New Video

He's never gonna make you cry, unless you step on him with bare feet.
He's never gonna make you cry, unless you step on him with bare feet.
Domy13, YouTube

Finally, you can Rickroll your LEGO-obsessed friends in a way that makes them feel truly loved and understood (and possibly a little exasperated, depending on how often you’ve pulled the original prank).

As Game Rant reports, YouTube user Domy13 has created a version of Rick Astley’s classic music video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” that depicts the singer as an animated LEGO action figure. At about 1.5 minutes long, it’s a good two minutes shorter than the original video; but for those blessed 90 seconds, it matches its source material frame for frame. The LEGO Astley has the same perfectly coiffed hair and voguish assortment of ’80s ensembles—including the unforgettable denim-on-denim outfit—that we know and love.

If you haven’t exactly memorized the original video, there’s no need to toggle back and forth between the two to see just how faithful the LEGO rendering is. Domy13 also released a side-by-side comparison video, so you can watch Rick Astley bust a move beside Brick Astley.

“After weeks of work, I finally finished my first LEGO animation,” Domy13 commented on the video. Though the two “Never Gonna Give You Up” videos are currently the only ones posted to their YouTube channel, it seems likely that more will follow. In a pinned comment below the video, they asked viewers to suggest other music videos that should get the LEGO treatment.

[h/t Game Rant]

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