A new work-from-home structure has put an extra focus on productivity and communication for almost every job. And for anyone looking to effectively lead a remote team, you can improve your communication style, stress management strategies, and interpersonal skills with this Leadership and Stress Management Bundle while it's 97 percent off.

Remote team management is a completely different beast than an in-office situation. Remote work requires virtual meetings, scheduled communication, and collaboration, while dealing with a lack of visibility and personal connection. The Remote Team Management and Leadership course in this bundle will help you implement important practices that lessen the pitfalls of working from home, including tips on maintaining a proper work-life balance and how to run a productive virtual meeting. You’ll also learn to inspire and motivate teams with the Leadership and Management Development course, so you’ll be able to support individual ambitions while achieving team goals, all from your own home office.

There is no doubt that there’s a new level of stress on everyone, but you can learn to manage your own and help your team learn to manage theirs with three courses in stress management. The Stress Management for Business Owners, Directors, and Managers will teach you how to recognize stress and help you recover from it with over 50 practical tips. Pass those on to your team or teach them one of the 75 strategies provided in the Stress Management Coaching course. The Time Management For Life course will then provide practical, action-oriented tips for better productivity when you and your team are up against the clock.

Lead your team through this transition period with the tools you’ll learn in the Leadership and Stress Management Bundle while it's only $40.


The Ultimate Leadership & Stress Management Bundle - $39.99

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