You probably have a lot of time to kill indoors this summer, so you might as well make the most of it. And if you’re at a loss for where to start, this Social Distancing Bundle can help—this unique collection of educational programs and other digital services offers a lifetime subscription to three products, such as Rosetta Stone, at a discount for a limited time.

A lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone means access to the tools that will teach you up to 24 languages at your own pace. The award-winning program starts with immersion, rather than simple translation, to help you learn in context. Throughout the program, you'll learn essential words and phrases that you'll need once you can start traveling again, such as hailing taxis and ordering food in whichever language you choose.

On days when you don’t have enough time or energy to dive deep into a lesson plan, you might feel like taking in some entertainment in short spurts. The 12-Minute Premium Micro Book Library is a part of the Social Distancing Bundle and will serve up 12-minute summaries of over 380 books in written and audio formats, helping you learn the important stuff without dealing with much filler. The library gets updated with 30 new micro books each month, so your lifetime subscription will always keep you informed and ready to chat about anything.

The 12-Minute Premium Micro Book Library is accessible without an internet connection, but most things you do on the computer aren’t. For all of your apps, emails, and simple web-cruising, you’ll want the included KeepSolid VPN Unlimited subscription. It will keep you protected while using the internet, and you'll have access to over 400 VPN servers globally for unlimited and uncensored use.

Be productive this summer, even if it is indoors, with the three products in the Social Distancing Bundle. You can find it on sale right now for just $199.

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The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone - $199

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