5 Petitions for New Ben & Jerry's Flavors


Image Credit: If It's Hip, It's Here

Ben & Jerry's has never announced that they were open to flavor suggestions, but that hasn’t stopped the changemakers among us from campaigning for new ice creams. A quick search through Change.org’s archives revealed five fan-made petitions that aimed to garner support for both the launch of specific flavors (and their corresponding names) as well as for the next flavor honoree. Unfortunately, none of the ice creams have come to fruition—yet.

1. Ruth Bader Ginger

There is still time to sign the most recent attempt to influence the grand masters of ice cream. The petition for the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to have her own “Ruth Bader Ginger” ice cream was started in response to two articles, one written by Amanda McCall on Buzzfeed, the other from NPR contributor Tania Lombrozo, pointing out the lack of women inspired ice cream flavors. Yael Mazor-Garfinkle took matters into her own hands and made the “Create 'Ruth Bader Ginger’ ice cream! campaign.”

2. Mint Romney

In 2009, Ben & Jerry’s debuted their special edition “Yes Pecan” ice cream to celebrate Obama’s inauguration. But that didn’t satisfy Zachary Blake, who wanted the ice cream company to make Mint Romney and Barocky Road Obama into flavors during the 2012 election. Much to the despair of politically active ice cream eaters, the petition closed with only 54 signatures, 946 shy from the desired count.

3. For Vice President Biden

Another politically motivated campaign was started by Eve Harrington, who wanted a Vice President Joe Biden-themed flavor. According to her campaign update from November 20, 2012, the folks at Ben & Jerry’s said they wouldn’t make that flavor because they want their ice creams to be non-partisan—but the petition is still open.

4. Praline Givens

Two years ago, one Matt Richenthal was able to convince 33 people to sign his petition for Praline Givens ice cream. Named for Raylan Givens, the Deputy U.S. Marshall first created by Elmore Leonard and now portrayed by Timothy Olyphant on FX’s Justified, Praline Givens would have paid tribute to the man who Richenthal believed to be “the most dynamic character on television.”

5. Carbonite Crunch

Jonny etc., a.k.a Boston based illustrator Jon Defreest, designed a fake Ben & Jerry’s ice cream container for Boba Fett’s Carbonite Crunch. Ethan Polinksy decided it was his duty to petition the company to make Defreest’s dream into a reality. Sadly, the 2012 campaign closed with only 9 signatures.