Looking to Up Your Harry Potter Game? You Can Take Virtual Classes at Hogwarts for Free

Artem Maltsev, Unsplash
Artem Maltsev, Unsplash / Artem Maltsev, Unsplash

You can't spend the upcoming school year at Hogwarts Castle, but this online resource offers the next-best thing. As Travel + Leisure reports, Hogwarts Is Here has made the fictional classes from the Harry Potter books into a real virtual learning experience.

The fan-made website, which has been around since 2014, offers a course catalog that mirrors Harry's Hogwarts curriculum. In Defense Against the Dark Arts: Year One, remote students can learn about imps and bowtruckles and magical exhaustion. Potions covers cures for boils and brewing tools, and History of Magic looks at the world from a wizarding perspective.

Muggle students may not be able to cast the spells they learn at home, but they can come as close as possible to getting a real Hogwarts education. The classes include detailed syllabuses and lesson plans, and as they progress through the curriculum, students can test their knowledge with homework, quizzes, papers, and a final exam.

The online classes are free, but you do have to sign up to enroll. When creating an account, Hogwarts Is Here asks for your name (or character's name), birthday, and Hogwarts house. And if you don't picture yourself as a full-time student, you can choose another role to play in the wizarding world, like an Auror, Ministry of Magic worker, or even a Hogwarts ghost. Your character and backstory will come in handy when participating in the forums and role-play sessions the website has to offer.

To start your magical education, you can sign up for an account here.

[h/t Travel + Leisure]