Wearables are the perfect hands-free solution to your germ-infested smartphone, especially in today's environment. And with an all-encompassing model like the TicWatch Sport Smartwatch, you can stay connected to your Google Assistant and other important Google apps while tracking your fitness stats with a built-in step counter and heart rate monitor. Right now, you can find it for just $80, which is 20 percent off the standard price.

In addition to featuring apps from Google's ecosystem, you can pair the device with your Spotify and Facebook Messenger accounts, along with a host of others. And since recovery is just as important to your overall health as exercise, the watch also monitors the quality and length of your sleep cycles. Having the watch on overnight won't even put much of a strain on its battery life, since it can last for 48 hours before needing a recharge.

The TicWatch Sport Smartwatch comes in a range of colors, including sleek black, bright aurora, or clean glacier wristbands for a look that fits your style. And the whole thing is splash-proof too, so you can take it along during bad weather or intense exercising.

Despite not being a household name quite yet, the TicWatch has garnered plenty of positive reviews over the years, with Tech Radar saying it "packs in a surprising amount of features for its price." For more on this versatile wearable, head here.

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TicWatch Sport Smartwatch with Google Assistant - $79.99

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