Yes, You Do Need This Baby Yoda Succulent Planter

Even The Client wants one of these.
Even The Client wants one of these. / BoxLunch
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As the Mandalorian learned the hard way, babysitting an alien child with unfathomable powers and a bounty on its back is never smooth sailing. Keeping a plant alive is admittedly much easier, but those without a tinge of green on either thumb can attest to the difficulty of even that.

This succulent from BoxLunch ($15) is guaranteed to give you absolutely no trouble at all—because it’s a fake plant. And much like Baby Yoda doesn’t look like he’d be able to manipulate the Force with much potency, the shock of serrated leaves on this plant doesn’t seem artificial at a glance. It’s also somewhat overshadowed by the adorable creature sitting in front of it. A wide-eyed Baby Yoda peers out from his (or her) floating cradle, looking expectantly at his fearless protector: you, Zoom-chatting away at your desk.

The mysteries of an ancient alien race are hidden in the eyes of this big-eared baby.
The mysteries of an ancient alien race are hidden in the eyes of this big-eared baby. / BoxLunch

The product could fit in your hand, so it won’t take up too much space on any shelf or tabletop. And since Yoda and the cradle are ceramic, it could also double as a paperweight. As PopSugar reports, it’s currently sold out online, but you can still order it now for estimated delivery in December. One reviewer actually purchased it as a stocking stuffer for their grandchildren.

Baby Yoda fever has barely waned since season one of The Mandalorian debuted last fall, and you can expect another uptick soon—Disney+ will release season two this October.

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