Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s New ‘Cinnadust’ Seasoning Will Take Your Sweet Treats to the Next Level

Finally, your cinnamon toast can taste as delicious as the cereal it inspired.
Finally, your cinnamon toast can taste as delicious as the cereal it inspired. / B&G Foods

As dismaying as it is to reach the bottom of your box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, those few sugary spoonfuls of crumbs make for a pretty glorious consolation prize. Soon, you’ll be able to buy them by the canister.

According to People, B&G Foods has created “Cinnadust,” a seasoning that blends all the best parts of the breakfast cereal into a shakeable format. With added vanilla and graham cracker flavors, it tastes much more like a pulverized square of Cinnamon Toast Crunch than your regular DIY cinnamon sugar.

This is a breakfast food.
This is a breakfast food. / B&G Foods

And as for what to sprinkle it on, that depends solely on your taste buds and the size of your imagination. You can’t go wrong with ice cream or toast, of course, but you definitely don’t have to confine yourself to the classics—you could decorate frosted cakes or cookies with it, or dip a roasted marshmallow in it. Covering your sweet potato or French toast casserole with a layer of Cinnadust doesn’t seem like a bad idea, either; nor does shaking a little on top of hot chocolate or coffee. For something on the healthier side, you could roll a dark chocolate-covered banana in a bit of Cinnadust before freezing it.

You’ll be able to pick up a 13.75-ounce canister of Cinnadust at Sam’s Club starting September 1, and other stores will start selling it sometime in early 2021. (If that seems like too long to wait, you can always toss some Cinnamon Toast Crunch in your food processor for a homemade version of Cinnadust.)

[h/t People]