10 Spooky and Fun Halloween Face Masks

4everASpiceBoy, Redbubble / Anthony Petrie, Threadless
4everASpiceBoy, Redbubble / Anthony Petrie, Threadless / 4everASpiceBoy, Redbubble / Anthony Petrie, Threadless
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Disclaimer: According to the CDC, loosely woven cloth masks provide the least protection against Covid-19. For the highest level of protection, it is recommended that you use a KN95 or N95 mask. Here are some tips on identifying counterfeit N95 masks and how to spot real ones.

For any Halloween obsessive out there, the end of summer marks the beginning of the spooky season. And while this year's festivities—like last year's—will feel a little different, there’s no need to slam the brakes on the holiday just yet. In fact, you can put your love of Halloween on full display with these 10 face masks from Redbubble, Society6, and Threadless.

1. Headless Horseman Face Mask; $14

Caley Hicks (There Will Be Cute)/Society6

A classic scary story gets a cute twist with this mask, which depicts a cartoon headless horseman carrying his jack-o'-lantern through a graveyard. This design, by artist Caley Hicks, is printed on a pleated, dual-layer mask that makes for a comfortable fit any time of year. For every mask purchased, Society6 will donate a portion of the proceeds toward COVID-19 relief efforts.

Buy it: Society6

2. Sanderson Sisters Face Mask; $10


To fans of Hocus Pocus (1993), Sarah, Mary, and Winifred Sanderson are the unofficial mascots of Halloween. The concert poster-style design of this face mask features all three witch sisters, along with their fellow Hocus Pocus characters Billy Butcherson and Thackery Binx. As with the other Redbubble masks, it's made of two layers of 95-percent-polyester and 5-percent-spandex fabric.

Buy it: Redbubble

3. Jason Voorhees Mask; $10


Unleash your inner summer camp stalker with this mask paying homage to Jason Voorhees, the star of the Friday the 13th film franchise. It depicts the famous hockey mask worn by Jason—though you might get a few people mistaking you for an incarcerated Hannibal Lecter (which you can also buy here).

Buy it: Redbubble

4. Vintage Horror Movie Poster Mask; $10

Andrew Alcock/Redbubble

Show off your love for classic horror films with this mask that offers a collage of posters from Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932), The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), and more.

Buy it: Redbubble

5. Sally's Smile Mask from The Nightmare Before Christmas; $10


Recreate Sally's stitched smile from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) without needing to apply the makeup yourself. This one also works as a set with the Jack Skellington design.

Buy it: Redbubble

6. Halloween Bakery Mask; $9


Embrace the spookier side of baked goods with this unique design showcasing macabre cupcakes decorated with eyeballs, tombstones, a Ouija planchette, and more.

Buy it: Redbubble

7. Classic Halloween Pattern; $10


For anyone who doesn't want to take Halloween quite so seriously, go for this lighthearted print, featuring smiling ghosts, mischievous black cats, and a spider wearing a very tiny party hat.

Buy it: Redbubble

8. Jack-o'-Lantern Smile Mask; $10


You can't get any more classic than this jack-o'-lantern smile face mask from artist JoeBash on Redbubble.

Buy it: Redbubble

9. Modster Squad Mask; $18

Anthony Petrie Print + Product Design/Threadless

Frankenstein’s monster is wearing platform shoes; a skeleton in a jaunty fez reclines in a rocker; and a rather zen werewolf plucks bone-shaped snacks (or possibly just bones) from a dog bowl one by one. We can’t help you score an invite to this psychedelic monster mash, but we can help you wear the scene on your face with this polyester, machine-washable mask from artist Anthony Petrie.

Buy it: Threadless

10. Halloween Party Face Mask; $10


This face covering shows a cuter side to Halloween with cats, bats, spiders, and jack-o'-lanterns on full display. Feel free to scream, shriek, or howl at the moon in this two-layer mask.

Buy it: Redbubble

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A version of this story originally ran in 2020; it has been updated for 2021.