These Smart Speakers From Sonos Can Turn Your Home Audio Into a Theater-Quality Experience

Sonos / Sonos
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Most people are willing to invest when it comes to buying the best HD TV on the market, but oftentimes, they forget about getting the right speakers to complement it. If you're looking to upgrade your home theater's audio, chances are Sonos has exactly what you're looking for, whether you're a true audiophile or a novice.

If you want a basic home audio upgrade, the Sonos One ($199) is a small smart speaker that, despite its compact size, delivers sound that can fill an entire room. These speakers can fit almost anywhere in your house, from your home theater or living room to the bathroom or kitchen. Pretty much any place where you enjoy listening to music or watching TV could use one, and with two, you can begin to enjoy Sonos surround sound at a relatively low cost.

The Sonos One smart speaker comes in both black and white.
The Sonos One smart speaker comes in both black and white. / Sonos

For something with a bigger punch, there's the Beam ($399), Sonos’s compact smart soundbar for TV, music, movies, video games, and podcasts. The sound is bolstered by four full-range woofers, one tweeter, three passive radiators, and five class-D digital amplifiers. It even includes a feature called Speech Enhancement, which can digitally clarify tough-to-catch dialogue in film and TV, such as whispers and dialogue spoken over loud music or sound effects.

The Beam takes just a few minutes of installation and can be controlled through the Sonos mobile app, its remote control, or your own voice.

The Sonos Amp.
The Sonos Amp. / Sonos

Then there's the Sonos Amp ($649), an amplifier that powers all of your other Sonos speakers, as well as radios, TVs, and practically anything else that plays sound to speakers throughout your home. This is the ideal option for anyone looking to connect and optimize their new home theater system.

Head to the Sonos website for more information on how to get a better audio experience.