These Jurassic Park Mosquito Dice Will Be the Envy of Any Dungeons & Dragons Game

Kickstarter, Enrica Martiné
Kickstarter, Enrica Martiné / Kickstarter, Enrica Martiné

We don't know if Jurassic Park founder John Hammond played Dungeons & Dragons, but if he did, his dice probably looked like this. As Nerdist reports, this Jurassic Park dice set is made to resemble mosquitoes trapped in amber, and it's part of a collection of unique dice from Enrica Martiné now available on Kickstarter.

The mosquitos suspended in the dice aren't real insects, so you can't use them to clone dinosaurs. You can use them to play d20-based role-playing games, and they're bound to be a conversation starter at any D&D session. Dice maker Martiné also created a Breaking Bad-inspired set molded after Walter White's blue meth and an It set that looks like frozen drops of blood. Their yin and yang set, which mixes white and black dice, completes the special collection.

Kickstarter, Enrica Martiné

In addition to the four bonus sets, Martiné is also offering dice inspired by the Enneagram personality test on Kickstarter. The Enneagram system classifies basic personality types and charts them on a circle, and Martiné has assigned each personality a color with its own matching dice set. There are nine Enneagram personality types, which is also the same number of possible D&D alignments if you want to choose dice that fits your role-playing character.

Martiné launched a Kickstarter campaign for their designs on August 23, and has already raised $33,000, exceeding the original goal of $13,248. The dice sets are now available individually or as bundles. You can reserve a single set of your choice for $14, with shipping estimated for May 2021.

[h/t Nerdist]