Road trips have become a form of escape for people in recent months owing to the coronavirus pandemic. Providing travelers observe social distancing measures during stops and plan carefully, they can be a safe way of visiting new places and getting in a change of scenery.

Now, a new iPhone app backed by Kevin Costner can help provide some context. It’s called HearHere, and it offers details on the history and attractions found along your route. As you drive, you’ll hear audio vignettes roughly two to three minutes in length that relate to the surrounding landscape. See that nearby mountain? HearHere might tell you how it got its name. Spot a historical marker along the highway? You’ll get the story.

The app was created by entrepreneur Woody Sears and former North Face president Bill Werlin. Costner, a co-founder of the company, provides some of the narration. The app currently offers roughly 1500 stories covering California, Oregon, and Washington, with plans to expand to more than 10,000 stories covering the entire United States for both iOS and Android by next summer. Listeners can tell HearHere to offer stories based on interests, from history to sports.

HearHere offers five stories for free, with a $49.99 annual subscription being offered for a promotional price of $24.99 through August 31. It’s available in the App Store.