You're probably doing just about everything online now, from work meetings and chats with the family to your online banking and other vital payments. That’s more than enough opportunity for a hacker or a piece of malware to take advantage of your passwords and cause some serious chaos in a short amount of time. You can protect yourself from these digital dangers with Vault, an online security cloud that's on sale today.

Vault comes with five areas of important protection: VPN, 2TB of cloud backup, antivirus software, identity protection, and AdGuard. All are typically offered separately, but Vault has compiled them into this ultimate online security bundle.

Everything you’re storing digitally can be lost in a minute if you don’t back it up regularly. The Vault security bundle includes a Degoo subscription, which will automatically back up your documents, photos, and more in a super-safe encrypted cloud drive.

If online storage makes you wary, there's Dashlane, which safely and automatically logs into your accounts without needing to remember and retype your passwords. It will help you generate strong passwords, store them securely in a military-grade encrypted vault, autofill fields when requested, offer two-factor authentication, and can even sync across multiple devices.

Once you log in, you’ll get a private and unrestricted online browsing experience with the included NordVPN access. Its private tunnels are double encrypted to keep you anonymous with absolutely zero logs recorded. That means you can securely connect to public Wi-Fi and bypass any geo-based content restrictions with high-speed connections. NordVPN can access over 3500 worldwide server locations across 61 countries, so you can browse safely and freely just about everywhere you travel. The included AdGuard will protect you even further by blocking ads on all of your devices.

Your online security is rounded off in the Vault bundle with Panda Antivirus, to control and safeguard access to your data from online fraud. All five of the products would usually cost about $40 per month, but the full Vault security bundle is on sale for just $8.25 per month right now.

Vault - The Online Security Cloud - $99

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