Each State’s Most Googled Quarantine Hobby, Mapped

Kris Atomic, Unsplash
Kris Atomic, Unsplash / Kris Atomic, Unsplash

If you haven't written your own version of King Lear during quarantine, go easy on yourself. Most people across the U.S. have chosen low-effort activities to keep themselves occupied during the past six months. To see how the country's preferred quarantine hobbies break down by region, check out the map below.

Using regional Google Trends data, the internet experts at Go.Frontier.com, an authorized reseller of Frontier Communications, put together this graphic showing how Americans have been spending their extra time at home. Watching movies and TV shows is the country's favorite quarantine activity by far, topping search results in 18 states, including the entire Southwest. But binge-watching isn't always used as escapism: In March 2020, Steven Soderbergh's Contagion (2011) was Google's most-searched movie title.


Many states on the East Coast researched home workouts during quarantine, which is the second most popular hobby on the map. Nearly as many people were looking up video games, which is the third most-searched hobby and the favorite of most of the Midwest.

DIY activities dominated Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and Hawaii, though some of these searches may have been out of necessity. Queries related to DIY face masks and hand sanitizers have risen by 4000 percent since the start of February. Despite the extra hours spent at home, reading hasn't seen much of a boost. It was the least popular of the five searches, and only came out on top in Maine and New Hampshire.

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