With work meetings, catch-ups with friends, and even weddings being held on video chats for the foreseeable future, people are learning just how difficult it is to look presentable on camera. If you’ve spent more than two minutes adjusting the camera angle, room lighting, and location of your setup just to even be visible on a call, check out this Pictar Home-Office Kit, which includes a wide-angle lens, tripod, and a smart light.

For anyone who needs to show off more than a standard webcam is capable of, Pictar's wide-angle lens will double your camera's field of view, allowing more people to be in frame and offering a better look at whatever you want to display. All you have to do is clip the lens over your smartphone camera or the webcam on your laptop or monitor.

You'll also receive Pictar's flexible tripod in the bundle, which comes equipped with five adjustable legs that can be shaped however you want them to be. From there, you can stack the Pictar smart light on top of your new setup—complete with a 12-bulb LED panel—for flattering lighting that's easily adjustable to suit wherever you're located. The light is battery-powered and can run at full brightness for up to two hours, so you won’t be a victim to a blackout during a long call.

The entire kit—including the wide-angle smart lens, flexible tripod, and smart light—is discounted by 35 percent right now, so you'll receive it all for just $90.

Pictar Home-Office Kit - $89.99

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