Celebrate the History of Mickey Mouse With a New Line of Bags and Accessories From Herschel

Herschel / Herschel
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Mickey Mouse has been given a makeover, thanks to a new line of products from Herschel Supply Co. that celebrates the 90-plus-year history of Disney's iconic mascot.

The notable backpack brand combined modern and classic designs of Mickey to make a completely unique look that should appeal to Disney fans who can't get enough of the Mouse House. The items range from mini backpacks ($65) and duffle bags ($100) to beanies ($25) and hip packs ($50).

Every inch of these products has received the Disney magic—even the inner linings of the backpacks are peppered with different versions of Mickey's face from over the decades. Despite being works of art themselves, the bags are built to match the quality of Herschel's typical offerings, so they'll be as functional as they are fashionable.


Not only are these bags great for children to travel with, but there are larger ones for adults as well. These designs are exclusive to Herschel, so if you want your high-end bag to be graced with the timeless image of Mickey, you'll need to head to the company's website.