Whether biking is your hobby, your main mode of transportation, or your favorite way to burn calories, these accessories will give you a better experience without breaking the bank.

1. Lumos Smart LED Helmet (Kickstart/Charcoal Black); $143 (20 percent off)


This super-modern helmet has brake and turn signal lights to keep you safer and more visible on the road. An accelerometer senses your speed and automatically turns on rear lights when you’re slowing down to a brake. And the built-in LED lights on the front make it easier for oncoming traffic to see you. Forbes said the Lumos is "a fully featured high-end helmet with all the fit, comfort and protection you want."

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2. Burnside Bike Rack; $110

Loma Living

If you live in a city, biking to your next destination is probably one of the easier ways to get around. But sometimes big cities mean less living space, forcing you to think outside the box when storing your bike. You can save space in style with this wooden wall-mounted bike rack that looks great without taking up much room.

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3. Fenwick Bike Sticks; $46 (6 percent off)

Loma Living

These solid hardwood sticks are a minimalist's dream for hanging a bike horizontally or vertically. Get them in one of four finishes to perfectly match your style.

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4. Bike Phone Holder; $18 (39 percent off)

Electronic Avenue

If you’ve ever tried to ride with your phone in your pocket, you’ve probably had a slippery scare or even an unfortunate phone casualty. Keep your device safe and handy with a mounted phone holder. Not only is it great for your bike, but it's also easily transferable to a stroller, shopping cart, and more.

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5. Bite Helper® Itch Neutralizer; $32 (20 percent off)

Maxogen Group

Getting out in the fresh air for a ride has never been so important, but all that nature will also leave you open to become a tasty snack for mosquitoes and other pests. The Bite Helper—which took home a CES Innovation Award in 2018—uses heat and vibrations to effectively soothe the itchy skin that drives you nuts, so you can concentrate on the open road.

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6. Men's Gel Padded Cycling Shorts; $18 (35 percent off)

It's All Goods

Those bike seats aren't always built for comfort, especially when you're riding for hours on end. Thankfully, you don't have to suffer through it anymore—instead, opt for a pair of padded cycling shorts designed to keep your backside comfy and more protected during your whole trek.

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7. Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike Helmet; $65


This mountain bike helmet has 17 air vents and a TS+ turn fit system for maximum comfort and fit. You can even change your style up from time to time with the removable visor.

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