How Will Denis Villeneuve's Dune Compare to David Lynch’s Dune? This Shot-For-Shot Trailer Will Show You

Timothée Chalamet stars in Dune (2020).
Timothée Chalamet stars in Dune (2020). / Warner Bros. Pictures

The trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated film Dune finally dropped this week, which is exciting for anyone who loves a good Hollywood blockbuster—or Frank Herbert's legendary Dune book series. Featuring scintillating special effects and too many A-listers to count—including Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, and Jason Momoa—the movie promises to be a thrilling adaptation of Herbert’s 1965 science fiction novel.

For longtime Dune fans, the trailer is also a chance to see how the new film might measure up to the 1984 adaptation, directed by David Lynch and starring Kyle MacLachlan, Virginia Madsen, and Patrick Stewart. Fortunately, you don’t need to have memorized the original movie in order to compare the two: As Nerdist reports, YouTube user Matt Skuta has created a side-by-side video juxtaposing shots from the shiny new trailer with scenes from Lynch’s cult classic.

Based on Skuta’s cinematic collage, Villeneuve’s version of Dune is a remake in the traditional sense. Each scene from the trailer emulates one from Lynch’s film, from fiery battles to lingering close-ups on the usually stunned face of the hero, Paul (played by Chalamet in the new film and MacLachlan in the old one). The audio is from Villeneuve’s trailer, so you will have to watch the 1984 film to get a feel for any differences in dialogue, score, and sound editing. And as for those infamous sandworms? Villeneuve breaks from the usual three-leafed head shape in favor of something more lamprey-like, making them just as terrifying (if not more so).

Watch Skuta’s side-by-side trailer below, and pass the time until Dune’s December 18 premiere with these facts about Lynch’s original film.

[h/t Nerdist]