Win a Custom $30,000 Home Arcade Game Room While Supporting a Good Cause

Omaze / Omaze
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Though they went out of fashion decades ago, arcades still conjure up plenty of nostalgia for people today. The clinking of the quarters, the neon lights of the cabinets, and the sounds of Mario working his way up to the princess can transport a person back to a simpler time—when life's biggest concern was getting the high score on their favorite game. If you've ever wanted a room full of games like Skee-Ball, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Dance Dance Revolution, now might be your chance. Through Omaze, you'll have the opportunity to win $30,000 to create your own custom home arcade game room, including pinball tables, couches, HDTVs, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

It's free for anyone to enter the sweepstakes, but you can improve your chances by donating at different tiers to get more entries: a $10 donation gets you 100 entries, $25 gets you 250, $50 for 1000, and $100 for 2000. And all the donations will go toward the Comic-Con Museum to preserve comics and popular art forms. The museum has a goal of creating a 21st-century education center that can connect people of all ages, onsite or online, to popular arts like animation, filmmaking, creative writing, and costume design.

Entries are open until December 8, and the winner will be announced on or around January 6, 2021. Bring the memories of your favorite arcade games into your own home by entering the contest here.