Throw the Virtual Wedding Ceremony of Your Dreams with IKEA

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Finding that a wedding is too expensive? Worried grandma won’t be able to make the trip? Too lazy to schlep down to the courthouse? IKEA has got you covered.

The Swedish furniture retailer just launched Wedding Online, a website that gets rid of all the useless nonsense that comes with getting married—like being surrounded by your loved ones, or eating cake—and gives you what you really want: a virtual ceremony that you don’t even need to wear pants to attend.

To actually throw a virtual wedding, you just need a Facebook account. Log in, set the date, and add your friends, whose faces will show up in video feeds atop virtual bodies on the big day. Then, choose from a variety of virtual ceremony settings (one is even circus themed!), each decorated with IKEA furniture. The event will be held publicly on the IKEA website, but can only be accessed by a secret URL. Of course, these weddings will be monitored, so your guests better be on their best behavior. (It’s unclear if mock dog weddings will be allowed.)

There’s just one catch: “If you want your marriage to be legally binding, the bridal couple, the marriage officiator, and two witnesses need to be in the same room during the actual ceremony,” the website explains. So you’ll actually have to be in the same room as your fiancé. Bummer.

On a more genuine note, this new feature is a great way to showcase IKEA furniture in a wedding setting. Even if you want an old-fashioned in-person wedding, this website is a tool to help you make the event look great: It has a section with “party tips” if you want to go through with the real thing.