Pizza to the Polls Lets You Donate (or Request) a Pizza Delivery to a Polling Place This Election Season

Alan Hardman, Unsplash
Alan Hardman, Unsplash / Alan Hardman, Unsplash

Pizza makes nearly any situation better. That's definitely true during election season, when voters can easily spend the better part of an hour waiting in line with nothing to do. In order to make the less-glamorous parts of voting a little more bearable, Pizza to the Polls is carrying on its mission to deliver free pizzas to voters in 2020, CNN reports.

The nonpartisan organization formed in 2016 in response to reports of long lines during the 2016 election. They offered a simple service: free pizza to voters waiting in line regardless of their political affiliation.

In the four years since, the group has continued to fuel people performing their civic duty. Pizza to the Polls delivered nearly 11,000 pizzas to voters at 611 polling locations across 41 states in 2018. Election Day 2020 is still more than a month away, but Pizza to the Polls has already provided 2098 pizzas to citizens voting early in 19 states this year.

The majority of the pies ordered by Pizza to the Polls are funded by small donors giving $20 or less to the organization. If you're looking for a way to support the voting process during this year's election, donating a pie or two is a fun option. And if you'd like to benefit from the service, you can head to Pizza to the Polls' website to report a long line in need of sustenance when you're waiting to cast your vote.

[h/t CNN]