The World’s Tiniest Rubik’s Cube Will Set You Back $1700

The world's smallest Rubik's Cube is fully functional.
The world's smallest Rubik's Cube is fully functional. / Mega House

Introduced in 1980, the Rubik’s Cube has become the gold standard in puzzles. The cube is made up of multiple colors, with the objective being to make a solid color on all six sides. For some, it takes weeks to solve. For others, it can take seconds. But a new version created for the iconic toy's 40th anniversary promises to have you rethinking the challenge entirely. That’s because it’s only .39 inches tall.

Japanese toy company Mega House has introduced an officially-licensed Rubik’s Cube that was made in collaboration with metal precision processing company Iriso Seimitsu Co. Ltd. using precision metallurgy to craft a diversion sized for a Keebler elf. Each colored piece is only .10 inches. And instead of having a white side, Mega House left the metal unpainted. There’s even an engraved Rubik’s logo.

While it’s totally functional, you’ll need to have some nimble fingers to manipulate it.

Mega House is selling it for 180,000 yen, or about $1700, and will begin shipping it at the end of December. The cube will also be on display as part of a 40th anniversary exhibition at the Hungarian Cultural Center in Tokyo through November 9. While it’s only available in Japan at the moment, Mega House hopes to bring it to other countries in the future.

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