Want to Learn Coding? These 10 Online Courses Can Get You Started

Photo by Lukas from Pexels
Photo by Lukas from Pexels / Photo by Lukas from Pexels
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If you’ve been toying with the idea of learning how to code, there's a whole world of online classes that can teach you the basics and beyond without needing a text book or having to leave the house. And if you act now, you can get any of the 10 courses below at a steep discount.

1. The Web Development Masterclass Certification Bundle; $35 (97 Percent Off)

There are a lot of coding languages to learn. Get a handle on them all with this bundle that covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, and more.

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2. The Super Software Engineer Bundle; $39 (98 Percent Off)

Information technology, or IT, is an industry-spanning skill. IT professionals are in demand across fashion, finance, and even design firms, and you can learn the basics and set yourself up for a long-lasting career with this discounted bundle of seven courses.

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3. Ruby On Rails For Beginners; $10 (98 Percent Off)

This 57-lecture course on Ruby on Rails will get you fluent in the increasingly popular coding language for developing web applications.

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4. The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Scientist Certification Bundle; $35 (95 Percent Off)

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Artificial intelligence is more than a buzzword; it’s a career path with tons of demand. This four-course bundle will teach you about Python, Tensorflow, Machine, and Deep Learning so you can take your skills to the bank with a high-paying career.

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5. The Complete Computer Programmer Super-Bundle; $45 (98 Percent Off)

If you love computers but still aren’t sure which area you want to dive into, this 12-course bundle covers everything from coding languages to cybersecurity to help you figure it out. The variety offered here is ideal for anyone interested in pursuing a new career path.

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6. The Python and Django Web Development Bundle; $29 (97 Percent Off)

This bundle includes seven courses solely focused on the popular Python and Django programming languages. You’ll learn how to build a cryptocurrency news site, user authentication web apps, and more.

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7. The 2020 Premium Learn-to-Code Certification Bundle; $39 (98 Percent Off)

Score a total of 10 courses in this jam-packed bundle that covers building responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS3, data mining with Python, JavaScript, and Deep Learning.

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8. The 2020 Javascript Beginner Bootcamp Course; $13 (93 Percent Off)

Focus your studies on learning how to develop interactive webpages with this JavaScript Bootcamp for beginners.

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9. Python Three Complete Bootcamp Master Course // Build 15 Projects and Games; $11 (97 Percent Off)

This 31-hour course bundle is designed to teach you the basics of Python so you can build games, desktop apps, and data visualization applications on your own.

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10. The 2020 Ultimate Web Developer and Design Bootcamp Bundle; $40 (98 Percent Off)

This bundle is one of the largest on the list, with a total of 11 courses covering essentials like HTML5, CSS3, and Git, along with courses on the basics of APIs and how to design a perfectly retro 8-bit website.

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