You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: Quality sleep is critical in maintaining good health. And a big part of achieving a full eight hours every night is a pillow that puts your neck in the most comfortable position to fall asleep in. Poor support can cause muscle fatigue, soreness, and persistent neck and back problems, but you can get proper alignment and support with this Carbon SnoreX Eight-In-One Cooling Pillow.

The unique shape of the Carbon SnoreX provides neck, shoulder, and head support for better spine alignment that can help with soreness and snoring—but those are just two of the pillow's eight functions. The pillow gets its name from the carbon bamboo AirTech memory foam it’s made of, which works to eliminate odors, absorb excess moisture, and regulate temperature. In short, you won’t need to wake up to flip your pillow to the cold side ever again. It even comes with a cooling cover to prevent overheating.

The SnoreX pairs the carbon bamboo material that works to keep you cool with graphene and copper to protect you from allergens and bacteria that can cause night-time allergies. The bamboo charcoal’s activated carbon will even absorb toxins and particles from imperfect air and prevent mold growth in your pillow, which can help to treat acne and even aid in collagen production. The eight-in-one sleep companion also comes with built-in dual armrests for comfort in any position.

Get the Carbon SnoreX Eight-In-One Cooling Pillow while it's available for just $55.

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