11 Sesame Street Videos for Earth Day

YouTube / Sesame Street
YouTube / Sesame Street / YouTube / Sesame Street

Sesame Street has tackled all sorts of issues, so it's no surprise that there are at least 99 Sesame Street clips related to Earth Day, or environmental messages in general. Below, a bunch of my favorites. Enjoy!

1. Oscar the Grouch - Recycling

"Too bad Gordon and Susan didn't take those 200 newspapers to the recycling center."

2. Fur Jam - Conserving Water

Fur Jam/Pearl Jam: "A shower / you must taaaake / But don't be too long / 'cause you just might go and empty a lake."

3. Cookie Monster - Littering

"What me do with the box? My don't see trash basket. Eh, what the hey."

4. "Air Bear" - Upcycling

Not sure whether this is pro- or anti-throwing plastic bags on the sidewalk.

5. Oscar the Grouch - Littering

What a beautiful spoof of the karaoke song that kills!

6. "Old Paper, New Paper" - Recycling

That music takes me back.

7. Kermit the Frog - Wetlands Preservation

"Keeping it clean to begin with—yes, that's the smart thing to do."

8. Ronnie Trash - Littering

"As I travel the highways and byways, I see all manner of trash where it doesn't belong!" They manage to work both "I Walk the Line" and "Ring of Fire" into this.

9. Cameron Diaz & Grover - Trees

"[Trees] don't seem that absorbent to me!"

10. Paul Rudd & Elmo - "It's Easy Being Green"

This song is basically an excuse for Paul Rudd to be dressed up in a planet-ball, but I'll take it.

11. Kermit - "It's Not Easy Being Green"

We miss you, Jim.