Can You Find the Ghost Hiding Among the Skeletons?

Dudolf / Dudolf

The countdown to Halloween is well underway, and puzzle expert Gergely Dudás is celebrating with a spooky brainteaser. At first glance, this illustration looks like a normal Halloween design, but sharp-eyed observers will notice that one figure in the crowd doesn't belong. See if you can find the ghost hiding among the skeletons before checking the solution at the bottom of the page.


Hungarian artist Dudás, who goes by the pseudonym Dudolf, is known online for his whimsical seek-and-find pictures. His illustrations consist of groups of cute cartoons, always with one out-of-place object blending into the crowd. In the past, he's hidden a sheep among a crowd of Santas for Christmas, a heart among snails for Valentine's Day, and an egg among a tulip field for Easter.

His brainteaser for Halloween is more of a trick than a treat. The image above is full of white skeletons, with just a handful of orange jack-o'-lanterns breaking up the monochromatic scene. Somewhere in the crowd, Dudolf has tucked away a white ghost. Test your observation skills by scanning the picture above for the hidden specter.

Give up? You can find the answer to the puzzle in the image below. If you enjoyed solving this one, Dudolf has a whole book of spooky puzzles you can purchase here.