Can You Find the Hidden Helmet Among the Motorcycles?

Happy searching.
Happy searching. / Carole Nash

If you own a motorcycle, you’ve hopefully also invested in a reliable helmet to wear on every ride, whether you’re jetting down the street or embarking on a coast-to-coast road trip. To help promote motorcycle safety, UK-based motorcycle insurance provider Carole Nash created a puzzle with just one helmet hidden among a sea of motorbikes, gas cans, wrenches, and other things you’d find in a well-stocked garage.

It takes the average person 38 seconds to spot the lone piece of headgear, which could be much faster than it takes some bikers to locate their actual helmets in their own messy garages. Once you’ve found it (or given up), keep scrolling to see the answer.

Does your garage look like this?
Does your garage look like this? / Carole Nash

Though it might seem like a no-brainer to protect your brain with a crash-proof hat, it’s not uncommon for people to throw caution to the wind. In a survey of 5000 motorcyclists, Carole Nash found that about 17 percent have gone for a ride without a helmet. Even if you usually do remember to don your helmet, a single helmet-less ride can prove disastrous—or fatal. According to the CDC, people who wear helmets are 37 percent less likely to die in an accident than those who don’t, and they’re 69 percent less likely to sustain head injuries than their unprotected counterparts.

Safety isn’t just about having a helmet on your head—the type of helmet matters, too. UK bikers should refer to the Department for Transportation’s SHARP guidelines to help them choose the safest option, and U.S. bikers can look to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for advice.

Now that you’re well-versed in motorcycle safety, scroll down to see the answer to the puzzle:














Keeping your helmet near your motorcycle is always a good idea.
Keeping your helmet near your motorcycle is always a good idea. / Carole Nash

This story originally ran in 2020; it has been updated for 2022.