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Dive deep and learn just about everything you can learn about the latest Raspberry Pi, Python, and ROS2 with The Ultimate Raspberry Pi and ROS Robotics Developer Super Bundle, which is $50 today (that's a 97 percent discount). Here are a few of the focuses you’ll get in the massive 15-course pack.

Raspberry Pi essentials and extras

Take a one-hour crash course in the latest Raspberry Pi and walk away with an understanding of UART protocol, how to put Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi for a familiar operating system, and more.

ROS2 for beginners

This 10-hour course is packed with 100 lessons that will help you master the ROS basics—from creating and building your program to writing ROS code with Python and C++.

Learn Ros2 as a Ros1 developer and migrate your Ros projects

Install and set up ROS2 on Ubuntu with your knowledge of ROS1, write complete applications, and communicate between ROS1 and ROS2 with this knowledge-packed course.

Build a Smart Security Camera for Raspberry Pi

The technology of Raspberry Pi is cool, but actually applying it to a system is even better. This course will take you through building a smart security camera to detect intruders that sends alert messages through Python.

Internet of things with Python and Raspberry Pi

Learn to deploy an end-to-end IOT solution project that’s secure and scalable with this three-hour course. You’ll learn how to integrate your projects with sensors and actuators to connect with Raspberry Pi and communicate with IOT servers.

Raspberry Pi 4 Essentials // Learn More in Less Time

You don’t need to wait until you complete this massive 15-course bundle to get hands-on practice. This is just one course that will have you creating your own projects, and in this Raspberry Pi 4 essentials focus, you’ll explore using LEDs, switches, DHT11 sensors, and more.

Getting Started with Modemcu (Esp8266) Step-by-Step

Learn how to set up the tiny and flexible board for controlling home appliances remotely with minimal expenses. You’ll tackle the fundamentals of LUA programming, C++ language, and the principle of LCD along the way.

Build Your Own GPS tracking system // Raspberry Pi Zero

GPS technology is in just about every tech device these days, and you can learn to build and test your own with this lesson in installing the latest Raspbian OS without any external monitor. By the end, you’ll know the ins and outs of GPS data extraction and programming using python with the ability to analyze GPS data in real-time from anywhere.

Build Your Own Smart Dustbin Using Raspberry Pi

This brand-new course will teach you to build a smart dustbin from scratch, through the circuit diagram, Raspberry Pi, servo motor, coding, IOT, and more.

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