If dressing your dog up in people clothes isn't a bold enough expression of affection for your pooch, now you can take it a step further with these matching pajama sets, courtesy of Petco.

Petco is offering three different matching pajama sets for adults ($22), children ($18), and dogs ($15) in their Holiday Tails winter collection. For those that love a snowy winter wonderland, the snowflake design will get you into the spirit of the season. If your house has a more traditional Christmas planned, we suggest the very classic red and black tartan onesies. For something a bit more flamboyant, this multicolored novelty onesie is adorned with all the holiday iconography you could ever want, like gingerbread men, reindeer, and Christmas trees.

If your dog isn’t too keen on wearing a full-body pajama set, then maybe they'll enjoy a matching beanie set ($20). These hats are the perfect pet-and-parent combo, since they say “I love my human” and “I love my dog” on them. (Just don’t let your jealous cat see them.)

If you are interested in all the matching pajamas, make sure to head to Petco to learn more.

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