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The smartphone has awoken the inner photographer in everyone, and with apps and filters that enhance images, taking high-quality photos has never been easier. There is one thing apps and filters can’t fully capture, though, and that’s a macro focus. If you’ve ever tried to capture a tiny insect or fine details on a work of art, you’ve probably encountered some problems. Luckily, these super portable and easy-to-use macro lenses are 25 percent off today.

The lenses included in this kit are almost as small as the subjects you’ll want to capture with them. The flat, reusable plastic lenses store neatly in your wallet for easy access and transportation. You’ll be able to pull the appropriate lens out, apply it, and capture a picture or videos in under a minute, which is important if your tiny subject has legs.

The Macro Plus lens has a focus distance of 20 millimeters, which makes it great for photography and videography. You’ll be able to capture the detailed stitching of a leather bag if you’re into product photography, or the complex grain of a tree stump if you’re capturing content outdoors.

If you’re more interested in capturing details on smaller subjects, the magnification and 10-millimeter focal distance of the micro lens will help you capture everything from a ladybug to a diamond with crisp clarity.

Both lenses are easy to use with a convenient and reusable adhesive that mounts the flat lens right to your smartphone’s camera. You can also download the free app on iOS and Android devices to capture visuals with additional settings.

See the big world around you in a new way with the Macro Lens Kit for just $19.

Prices subject to change.

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