A Dinner Designed Especially For Foodie Photographers

Carmel Winery via YouTube
Carmel Winery via YouTube / Carmel Winery via YouTube

If #foodporn photography is most of the reason you go out to eat in the first place (why else would you deal with long lines for brunch?), Israel's Carmel Winery has just the event for you. Foodography is the first "mobile photography workshop" in the world. For roughly $155, participants can feast on Chef Meir Adoni's five-course menu—but only after they've taken their share of Instagram-worthy snaps. Ceramic artist Adi Nissani crafted numerous specialty plates for the program, including the Limbo (a high-backed piece that gives close-up shots a seamless background) and the 360 (a spinning plate, in case you want to Vine a portion of your meal), which both enhance the presentation of the food and make it easier to photograph. Each plate comes with a smartphone stand or holder so that the resulting pictures will be clear and steady.

Image Credit: Carmel Winery via YouTube

During the meal, food photographer Dan Perez leads a smartphone photography workshop; he instructs diners on how best to use lighting and angles to show off their fare.

And, of course, what good would all of these pictures be without a hashtag to follow? Diners regularly post their food photos to #fdgr (short for foodography), and the varying shots make for an impromptu exhibition of the class's progress.

This is one dinner party where it would be rude not to pull out your phone!