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There are a lot of eLearning courses out there, and it can be tough to figure out which is the path you want to take. Coding may seem exciting one day, but suddenly you’re interested in creating game apps the next. Settle the dilemma and get an even better education with Stone River’s lifetime education membership, which offers more than 800 courses in a range of tech-related fields.

Lifetime access to 4800 hours of courses might be overwhelming if you were already struggling to pull the trigger on one, but the Stone River subscription comes with personal guidance on what to learn and what certifications you’ll need so you can tackle that roadblock every time. Unlimited eBooks and free certification exams (which are typically upwards of $50 each) will help keep you on track, too.

Courses are available at every level, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn niche specialties like node.js, MySQL, Unity 3D, and more. Access to any of them is easy with web and mobile streaming that lets you learn wherever you are.

You can sign up for a lifetime subscription for only $89 this holiday season.

Prices subject to change.

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