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On the surface, getting holiday gifts for new parents is easy—they just had a major life change and there are plenty of products and necessities that go along with that. But in addition to getting them something they need, you might also want to go for something completely unexpected, like this DIY Baby Print and Photo Frame Kit. It’s the perfect way for parents to forever capture a moment in time, when their baby is at its smallest (and, arguably, its cutest).

This DIY Baby Print and Photo Frame Kit comes with two baby-safe ink pads to capture those tiny hand and footprints. And the two ink prints sit on either side of a 4-inch-by-6-inch photo in a hand-finished white wooden frame. That classic white finish will match just about any nursery and fits any baby’s budding personality.

Those sweet babies make for a cute photo, but they wiggle a lot, so it can take a lot of tries to get the perfect shot. That's why the kit comes with four ink pads and eight photo inserts to ensure you aren’t stuck with a smudgy memory that resembles an unfamiliar six-toed and four-fingered baby.

It’s a great time to snag a DIY Baby Print and Photo Frame Kit, because right now it's on sale for just $34 for one or $65 for a set of two.

Prices subject to change.

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