The National Museum of Women in the Arts Is Looking to Share Your Beloved Family Recipes

Gor Davtyan, Unsplash
Gor Davtyan, Unsplash / Gor Davtyan, Unsplash

If you think your grandma's casserole recipe or your dad's signature empanadas belong in a museum, now's your chance to make that happen. As Smithsonian reports, the National Museum of Women in the Arts—the only institution of its kind that spotlights female artists exclusively—is calling on the public to submit their family recipes for a new exhibition.

The digital showcase, titled "Reclamation: Recipes, Remedies, and Ritual,” will look at our relationship to the meals that punctuate our home lives. The Washington, D.C., museum is asking participants to share a food that's personal to them—whether it's a beloved recipe, a food memory, or a family remedy—with a photo and story describing their submission.

"Reclamation seeks to have us all reconnect with ourselves, our ancestors, and our food traditions," the project's submission page reads. "By cooking for ourselves and nourishing our loved ones, we reconnect to our heritage and also establish traditions for our communities."

The selected entries will be presented in the NMWA's first-ever online-only interactive exhibition. In addition to food memories and recipes from the public, the exhibit will feature related works from nine female creators, including chefs, visual artists, and performance artists. The mission of  "Reclamation," according to the museum's website, is "a virtual experience that recontextualizes the traditional role of women in providing sustenance and healing."

To contribute to the project, you can share your personal food story through the online form here. "Reclamation: Recipes, Remedies, and Ritual" will go live online on January 18, 2021.

[h/t Smithsonian]