The 100 Most Popular Baby Names of 2020

Based on the trends, there's a pretty good chance this baby is named Oliver.
Based on the trends, there's a pretty good chance this baby is named Oliver. / Spencer Selover, Pexels

Choosing a name for your baby is a tricky business. Not only do the parents usually need to agree on it, but any number of relatives and friends might weigh in with strong opinions of their own. Once you’ve ruled out the names of all the school bullies and detested exes within six degrees of separation, you might feel like you’re running out of options.

Even after you come to a decision, there’s still a chance your little Amelia will show up for her first day of kindergarten and meet five other Amelias in her class. This particular situation is pretty likely—according to, Amelia is the most popular girls’ name of 2020. Just to be safe, you may also want to steer clear of Charlotte, Aurora, Violet, and Olivia, which round out the top five. If you’re expecting a boy, Oliver, Liam, Theodore, Ethan, and Aidan run the highest risk of being too common. compiled the data based on their users’ individual lists of favorite names. In other words, Oliver wasn’t necessarily chosen more than any other name; it was just included on more lists than its competition. But according to the site, these trends often end up mirroring the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) official rundown of top monikers for the year. Though the SSA’s 2020 list hasn’t been released yet, last year’s list does have a lot in common with what you see below: Liam, Oliver, and Ethan are all in the top 10 for boys; and Olivia, Charlotte, and Amelia made the girls’ top 10.

When it comes to sources of inspiration, fictional characters and celebrities definitely come into play. Arya, a Game of Thrones mainstay, is seventh on the girls’ list; and Finn no doubt ranked ninth on the boys’ list (at least partly) due to John Boyega’s character in the recent Star Wars trilogy. And Miles and Luna, the names of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s much adored children, both saw a popularity increase in this year’s breakdown.

See the top 100 baby names—50 for boys, 50 for girls—below, and find out more about the rankings here.

Girls’ Names

  1. Amelia/Emilia
  1. Charlotte
  1. Aurora
  1. Violet
  1. Olivia/Alivia
  1. Ava
  1. Aria/Arya
  1. Luna
  1. Isla
  1. Hazel
  1. Scarlett
  1. Maeve
  1. Nora/Norah
  1. Sophia/Sofia
  1. Chloe
  1. Freya/Freja
  1. Abigail
  1. Audrey
  1. Grace
  1. Adelaide
  1. Lily/Lilly
  1. Isabella
  1. Vivienne/Vivien/Vivian
  1. Eleanor
  1. Ella
  1. Ophelia
  1. Adeline
  1. Genevieve
  1. Ivy
  1. Lucy/Lucie
  1. Emma
  1. Hannah/Hanna
  1. Iris
  1. Esme
  1. Penelope
  1. Clara
  1. Cora
  1. Eloise
  1. Mila
  1. Astrid
  1. Arabella
  1. Naomi
  1. Elizabeth/Elisabeth
  1. Isabelle
  1. Evangeline
  1. Ruby
  1. Sadie
  1. Mia
  1. Maya/Maia
  1. Keira

Boys’ Names

  1. Oliver
  1. Liam
  1. Theodore
  1. Ethan
  1. Aidan/Aiden
  1. Benjamin
  1. Declan
  1. Gabriel
  1. Finn/Fynn
  1. Elijah
  1. Henry
  1. Owen
  1. Caleb
  1. Alexander
  1. Grayson/Greyson
  1. Sebastian
  1. Leo
  1. Levi
  1. Jasper
  1. Lucas/Lukas
  1. Jackson/Jaxon
  1. Emmett
  1. Miles/Myles
  1. Everett
  1. Felix
  1. Landon
  1. Atticus
  1. Milo
  1. Jack
  1. Theo
  1. Elliot/Elliott
  1. Archer
  1. Silas
  1. Isaac
  1. Arthur
  1. Elias
  1. William
  1. Wyatt
  1. Kaden/Caden/Cayden
  1. Noah
  1. Matteo
  1. Samuel
  1. Hudson
  1. Harrison
  1. August
  1. Alastair/Alistair
  1. Gavin
  1. Jacob
  1. Lincoln
  1. Aaron