This Online Tool Transports You to Forests Around the World

Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash
Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash / Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash

Travel options are limited for most people due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That means one of life's most relaxing experiences—escaping to a forest in a different part of the world—may not be a possibility for a while. Fortunately, there's a way to reap the stress-relieving benefits of nature without leaving home.

As Simplemost reports, uses sounds and images to transport you to some of Earth's most serene environments. Clicking "Listen to a Random Forest" broadcasts real recordings from a location accompanied by a photo of a forest. The featured soundscapes include audio from Yasuni National Park in Ecuador, Jangyeoungsan Healing Forest in South Korea, and Pillgrove Wood in Bristol, UK.

Even if you can't differentiate the bird calls of one forest from another's, you can be confident that the sounds you're hearing are unique to the place. The audio comes from Sounds of the Forest, an open-source library of global forest recordings that nature-lovers can contribute to. Listening to the clips is a great way to virtually immerse in a site you can't visit in person. is also an excellent tool for people looking to add variety to their working-from-home playlist.

You can head to now to start enjoying the music of the planet's forests. If you feel more comfortable around people than trees, you can use this office noise simulator to transport yourself to pre-social distancing times.

[h/t Simplemost]