Get a Versatile Education in Project Management With This 22-Course Bundle

Photo by Burst from Pexels
Photo by Burst from Pexels / Photo by Burst from Pexels
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There are plenty of opportunities to take classes online, but some of them fall short of traditional in-person education, which provides varied courses for well-rounded knowledge. Unlike so many online courses with a narrow scope, though, this Project and Quality Management bundle is packed with 22 courses that provide a versatile education in the field.

The 2021 Project and Quality Management Certification Bundle is packed with courses on Six Sigma, Agile, Jira, and tons of other fundamental tools project managers need to deliver results on the job. If you’re not already familiar with any of these programs, you’ll be delighted to learn about how efficient they can make you and the teams you manage. The three included Lean Six Sigma courses will teach you how the methodology can help you streamline projects with efficiency and benefits to your bottom line. This is the same methodology used at Boeing, Amazon, and many more.

There are a lot of niches to dive into in this bundle, but the Compliance and Risk Management course is a crucial one. The hour-long course provides step-by-step training in the fundamental skills needed in the field as a compliance officer. Beginners can start with Product Management Fundamentals: Product Management 101, and more experienced folks can jump in with Masterclass courses.

There’s a lot of knowledge to gain from the massive 22-course bundle, and accessing it is more inexpensive than ever. For a limited time, you can score the bundle valued at $4400 with a 98-percent discount, bringing the price you pay down to $46.

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