Can You Guess The Book Based On Its Original Title?

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1. At This Point in Time is now known as...

A) A Wrinkle in Time
B) Outlander
C) All the President’s Men
D) Fahrenheit 451

2. All’s Well That Ends Well would go on to become…

A) War and Peace
B) As I Lay Dying
C) Slaughterhouse-Five
D) Catch-22

3. Today, we know Strangers from Within as…

A) Brave New World
B) Stranger in a Strange Land
C) Lord of the Flies
D) The Forever War

4. The Last Man in Europe would eventually be called…

A) I AM Legend
B) 1984
C) A Clockwork Orange
D) Brave New World

5. What book was originally called Something That Happened?

A) Of Mice and Men
B) Revolutionary Road
C) Flight Club
D) God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

6. Mistress Mary was the working title for…

A) Lolita
B) Little Women
C) Wuthering Heights
D) The Secret Garden

7. What did First Impressions become?

A) Mrs. Dalloway
B) Pride and Prejudice
C) Great Expectations
D) Jane Eyre

8. The Kingdom by the Sea was changed to

A) Lolita
B) The Hobbit
C) The Sirens of Titan
D) The Drowned World

9. Fiesta became which classic?

A) The Sun Also RIses
B) Tortilla Flat
C) Lolita
D) Tropic of Cancer

10. The Dead Un-Dead was scrapped in favor of…

A) I Am Legend
B) The Haunting of Hill House
C) Frankenstein
D) Dracula

11. Which 20th-century classic was almost called Under the Red, White, and Blue?

A) Bonfire of the Vanities
B) The Great Gatsby
C) The Grapes of Wrath
D) The Catcher in the Rye

12. The Strike turned into

A) The Jungle
B) The Fountainhead
C) The Grapes of Wrath
D) Atlas Shrugged

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Answers: 1:C; 2:A; 3:C; 4:B; 5:A; 6:D; 7:B; 8:A; 9:A; 10:D; 11:B; 12:D