The Mental Floss Store Is Reopening Today!

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If you've been missing your one-stop shop for all things Flossy, you’ll be happy to know we have officially reopened the Mental Floss Store! Not only will you be able to explore all the punny T-shirts we have in stock, but you’ll also find different books and games, alongside fun additions like a wine journal, a science ice tray, and more.

Each week, we will be offering our Deals of the Week, featuring a rotating selection of discounted items. And this week, you can save on games like JaLink!, InWords, and Mixed Nuts, or try your hand at becoming a lawyer with a Degree in a Box for only $10. If you flunk out, there’s no need to feel bad since the paperback book F for Effort is also part of the deal at just $8.

Mental Floss Store

For all the book lovers out there, you'll find titles like The Mental Floss History of the United States and the History Lovers Bookmarks set, featuring 20 notable figures like Betsy Ross and Napoleon. And if you just want some swag decorated with the Mental Floss logo, you can slap it onto phone cases, tote bags, baby bibs, and more.

Mental Floss Store

Make sure to head on over to the Mental Floss Store to see everything we have to offer, and keep checking back each week to take advantage of more deals. And remember, you'll get free shipping on any order over $50.

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