Can You Spot the Pug Hiding in This Zoom Call?

Matthew Henry, Unsplash
Matthew Henry, Unsplash / Matthew Henry, Unsplash

If Zoom is a regular part of your work life, you may already pass the time by playing "I spy" with your coworkers' backgrounds. In that case, the illustration below should look familiar. This hidden-image puzzle features a grid of 20 callers, each with their own home office filled with distracting clutter. There's a pug snoozing in one of the windows—see if you can spot it faster than it takes you to realize you're on mute in a meeting.

This brainteaser comes from the comparison site There are many hidden-image challenges on the internet, but this one puts a timely spin on the format. Hidden in the image are such 2020 (and now 2021) essentials as stationary bikes, houseplants, rolls of toilet paper, and wine bottles.

Only one Zoom window features a sleeping pug. You may have to examine the backgrounds one by one before spotting the sneaky pet. Scroll down for the answer.

Matthew Henry, Unsplash

Give up? Check the window in the last column three rows down: You should be able to spy a pug on the floor behind the bearded man.

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