6 Ways to Open a Bottle Without a Bottle Opener

Natasha Kapur, Unsplash
Natasha Kapur, Unsplash / Natasha Kapur, Unsplash

Bottle openers tend to go missing when you need them most. At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is tear apart your house looking for one (or worse, settle for a different beverage). Luckily, switching to cans or bottles with twist-off caps isn’t your only option. You likely have several tools around your home that can work as makeshift bottle openers in a pinch.

1. Open a Bottle With a Lighter

This impressive party trick works just as well when you're spending a night in. Start by circling your thumb and forefinger around the top of the bottleneck. Tighten your grip and place the end of a plastic lighter between your forefinger and the edge of the cap. When you push the top of the lighter down, it should act as a lever with your forefinger serving as the fulcrum point. Using your forefinger as the fulcrum instead of your thumb reduces the chance of the bottle cap flying in your face.

2. Open a Bottle With a Key

For this option, grip the bottleneck the same way you would if you were using a lighter. Slide the teeth of a key beneath the edge of the cap and jimmy it upward. If you’re having trouble with method, try twisting the bottle back-and-forth a few times to loosen the seal.

3. Open a Bottle With a Screwdriver

This one is pretty straightforward. Jam the top of a screwdriver between the edge of the cap and the lip of the bottle and push the handle upward. The pressure should be enough to pop the cap off and free the beverage inside.

4. Open a Bottle With Another Beer

Here's another party trick that's surprisingly practical. To open your bottle, grab another beer from the six-pack and hold it upside down to interlock the two caps. Pull the upside-down bottle like a lever to pop off one of the caps. Because it’s hard to predict which cap will come off, this method is best done near a sink while wearing clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

5. Open a Bottle With a Countertop

Only use this trick if you think your countertop can handle some abuse. Hold the bottle with one hand and rest the bottle cap on the edge of your counter. With the bottle at a slight angle, use your free hand to firmly whack the top of the cap. Ideally, the force will separate the cap from the container. This method also works on tables or any type of ledge.

6. Open a Bottle With Paper

When nothing else is available, a sheet of paper makes for an unexpectedly effective bottle opener. To boost the strength of a page torn from your notebook, fold it as many times as you can. When you have a tight enough bundle, you can use it as a lever to open a bottle as you would with a lighter. Just wedge the end beneath the edge of the cap and pull down.