This Four-Minute Library Gets You Through Audiobooks in a Fraction of the Time

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Photo by from Pexels / Photo by from Pexels
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If you don't have time to sit down and read for hours, you can still get through that book you had your eye on with Four Minute Books. This is a service that provides digital book summaries of top titles by Rhonda Byrne, Benjamin Graham, Brené Brown, and over 800 more in-demand authors. Each written summary or audio title covers books in four minutes or less, leaving your 20-minute commute to work or treadmill session open for at least five valuable insights from various titles.

While you can stick solely to these four-minute summaries, you can also use them as a sampler to see which books you'd like to read in full before heading to the bookstore. Each title is available in PDF or MP3 form, and you can listen on your favorite podcast app, such as Apple Podcasts. Currently, there are more than 800 book summaries you can read or 600-plus audiobook summaries to listen to.

Four Minute Books is offering lifetime access to their entire library, which includes weekly new additions, for just $40. You can also opt for a one-year subscription for $20 or a two-year subscription for $30.

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